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What is the Novakid

Novakid - is an online school in which children learn English with people for whom it is native or second native. Our sensational interactive education program for children aged 4 to 12 with different levels of English is based on the experience of teachers and methodologists. Classes in Novakid are carried out on a special educational platform.

For all lectors, English is the mother tongue or the second language, the teachers’ certificate and 3 years of experience in working with children, including online.

Learning with a native speaker is the fastest way to get quick results. It’s great practice and has lots of positive benefits.

Every teacher in our team is a certified ESL specialist with online teaching experience.

We start with simple things and gradually increase the level of complexity. At the same time, we control the education process and continuously revise and improve the learning material.

Parents save time and money they’d otherwise spend on travelling to offline schools and tutors. Kids study in a comfortable home environment without the worry of catching the flu 🙂.

The programme is created by experienced English-speaking specialists and takes account of the educational and psychological characteristics of children aged 4-12.

The program is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

You will get

Convenient parent’s account We use website to organise classes. There is no need to install additional software or buy textbooks. And for even more convenience we have developed a mobile application for parents! Convenient parent’s account Novakid

Progress Control After each class, parents get teachers’ feedback and class videos. You are always aware of your child’s achievements. Plus Novakid professionals constantly track students’ results and adjust program accordingly. Progress Control Novakid

Konto gry dla dzieci Specially for students we have launched a unique account. Learning English now is like playing a game! Kids choose avatars, complete home tasks, and earn certificates and stars! Game Account for Kids Novakid

Classroom Students and teachers meet in a virtual classroom. Colorful visual materials, exciting topics, interactive exercises, drawing, songs and games - everything here works for learning and involvement. Classroom Novakid

Lessons with VR tours During the lessons, children and teachers go on VR tours around the world’s best museums and art galleries, visit the most famous places on the planet, and discuss what they see in English! Lessons with VR tours Novakid

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