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What is the Revolut

Revolut - is a company that was established in 2015 in Great Britain as a modern bank. All operations are performed using a great mobile application. Its service is completely free!

To take advantage of the promotion to get 3 months of the Premium plan:

  1. Click on the link and enter your phone number on the website, which will be used to log in
  2. Download the Revolut application (we will receive the link in the text message) and register the account (using the phone number provided earlier)
  3. We make one physical or virtual payment (which we can easily add to the phone)

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Advantages of Revolut:

  • it’s completely free
  • has the best exchange rates (travel often? You must have it, even as a backup card)
  • great mobile application
  • one card for payments in all currencies
  • the ability to set up 24 sub-accounts for each currency that we want to exchange.
  • travel insurance
  • phone insurance
  • many many others!

Some of Revolut’s free features:

Some of free features of Revolut


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?Revolut - Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I deposit money on Revolut?
    It is best (and free) to deposit money using Google Pay / Apple Pay, or by topping up with an ATM card that we add in the application - this may involve fees, some banks charge a commission for it.
  2. How to quickly deposit money on Revolut?
    It is best (and free) to deposit money using Google Pay / Apple Pay, then they immediately appear on your Revolut account.
  3. Can I deposit money into my Revolut account at an ATM?
    No, there is no such possibility.
  4. Selling a Revolut account
    If you get an offer to buy your Revolut account, never agree. Someone can take a loan on you, commit financial crimes, and later, unfortunately, the police will knock on you.
  5. Can a bailiff seize a Revolut account?
    According to the information available on the internet, bailiffs do not have access to Revolut accounts.
  6. What is Revolut Pay?
    Revolut Pay is a payment method available to every online customer, whether they have a Revolut account or not. It allows customers to pay for a product or service with a service provider that offers Revolut Pay as a payment method available at checkout.
  7. What is Revolut 18?
    In the Revolut app, you can set up a Revolut 18 account for your child and order a Revolut prepaid card for them. Your child can spend your shared funds and use the Revolut 18 app to check their balance and track transactions. He also has access to age-appropriate money management tools.
  8. My account balance is blurred, how to disable it?
    Go to the application settings by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the main screen, go to the Security and privacy section and uncheck Hide balances.

🎁 Get 3 months of Revolut Premium for free 🎁

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